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Between a "butterfly [chō]" and "ginkgo [ichō]"

The butterfly is a captivating symbol of transformation. Starting as a humble caterpillar, it undergoes a metamorphosis, ultimately emerging as a stunning and graceful butterfly. This process of change, from a crawling creature to a creature capable of flight, serves as a powerful representation of growth, adaptation, and the beauty that can emerge from transformation. In this context, it is particularly fitting for the butterfly to be associated with the evolution of ideas and initiatives as well as the personal development experienced by the individual members and project teams within the UTokyo GX Student Network.

The selection of the butterfly as the emblem for the UTokyo GX Student Network stemmed from this association with the idea of profound transformation, exemplified by “metamorphosis.” This choice also reflects the ripple effect of bottom-up changes originating from student-led initiatives, often likened to the "butterfly effect," and the essence of creating and sustaining networks, analogous to the ecological functions of “pollinators.”

The logo was crafted by folding yellow and blue ginkgo leaves, emblematic of UTokyo, within a three-dimensional space. The resulting design portrays a butterfly poised to "emerge," ready to embark on new adventures.

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