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Sustainability Week 2024
Keyword Event

April 22 ~ April 26

Collect stamps by participating in events during the Sustainability Week 2024 (including online events)

or taking actions for GX! 

You will have a chance to get some rewards! More stamps you collected means higher possibility to get the rewards. 

Participate from the link bellow! 

The system uses cache data of your browser. Please access to the event page with the same browser and device. The system may not work properly in the private browsing mode. 

  1. Entry through「エントリー」button 

  2. Tap 「詳細」button of each spot and enter a keyword, then get a stamp 

  3. You can apply for a reward once you get one stamp. Tap 「獲得したリワードを見る」

  4. Select reward A or B and move to the Google form (You can apply for both rewards regardless of the selection here)

  5. Submit the form after filling it out 

  6. You will get an email if you win the reward around middle of May (Get your reward at Coop office at Komaba) 

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