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The project’s primary mission is to reduce food waste while supporting fellow students in need at UTokyo. We achieve this by collecting  food in campus donation boxes and distributing it to students facing challenges, including difficulties accessing food.


The project was born out of a concern for the food waste issue and draws inspiration from the successful implementation of similar global projects.

UTokyo's diverse student body, representing various countries and rural areas of Japan, encounters numerous challenges, including difficulties obtaining food. As per a 2021 Student Life Survey by the University of Tokyo(p73,74,168), 10% of Japanese and 17% of international undergraduate students found their current life "somewhat uncomfortable" or "very uncomfortable." Among graduate students, 23% of Japanese students and 27% of international students shared the same sentiment.

How to Donate Food?

Please place your food donations in designated boxes at the following locations during the office hours:

  • Yayoi CO-OP store

  • Hongo CO-OP store No.2

  • Daini Dining Hall

  • Bunkyo General Gymnasium

You must follow the following rules when you donate. 

Acceptable Donations

Canned food and products that can be stored at room temperature with more than one month until the expiry date.

Avoid Donating

Expired food, food with open packages, frozen and fresh products (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc.), products without indication of expiration dates.

How to Receive Food?

Please fill out the Google Form and pick up the food at indicated location and time. 

※Your information provided in the form will be kept confidential.

What can you do as a volunteer?

The main responsibilities of the volunteers are:

  • Gather food donations from designated collection points and make a list of collected food items

  • Support the project team on food distribution (once every week or once every two weeks)

Participate in volunteering from here


Our team believes that we can make meaningful changes to reduce food waste and make a positive impact on our community through this project. Your food donations will make a real difference, helping us reduce food waste and support fellow students. Let's build a more supportive and sustainable community together!


- B.B., Year M1 (as of 2023.11)

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