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Become a GXSN member!

What are the merits of joining the Network?

I'm really happy that our efforts are changing the campus!

Absolutely. Also, I could gain not only a general understanding of different environmental issues but also practical knowledge that can be learned only by actually working on projects.

For me, participating in the Network became a catalyst to practice a sustainable lifestyle. It was challenging to do it alone, but having like-minded people to work with provided motivation and courage.

Yeah, it's quite challenging to bring about change in a large organization like the University of Tokyo, even if it's just a small change. That’s why I think this experience is really valuable, don't you?

Working in teams to create practical solutions and presenting them to the faculty and administrative staff has improved soft skills like project management and leadership skills, too.

Building a sustainable UTokyo with members from different majors and nationalities is something that can only be achieved through this Network!

*Network membership is open only to the current students of UTokyo. 

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