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Sustainability Week is a university-led initiative aimed at raising awareness and promoting action on environmental issues. This year, four universities will jointly host the event.

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Events during Sustainability Week


4.22 (Mon) ~ 4.25 (Thu)


Online + face-to-face

(@Komaba Campus KOMCEE West
B1 Lecture Hall)

“Sustainability Talks” is a symposium jointly organized by four prestigious universities: Ochanomizu University, University of Tsukuba, University of Tokyo, and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. This event promises a dynamic pace, with speakers rotating every 10 minutes. We will convene 37 leading researchers to present cutting-edge research on environmental issues and sustainability across diverse fields, encompassing both humanities and sciences.

One of the highlights of this symposium is the rare opportunity to hear from professors outside your own university without leaving the University of Tokyo Campus. The event is open to everyone, regardless of university affiliation, major, or age. Non-university students are also warmly welcomed.

On Wednesday, professors from the University of Tokyo will deliver a keynote address, streamed live from the Komaba campus. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, professors from partner universities will present, streamed from their respective campuses.

While all sessions will be available online, there will also be in-person events and social gatherings at the Komaba campus. Additionally, selected recordings will be released post-event.

Register now using the link below and join us for this enriching symposium!

Sustainability Talks 2024

(Mon) 17:00-19:30 (Online)
(Tue) 17:00-19:30 (Online)
(Wed) 17:00-19:30 (online + in person)
(Thu) 16:45-19:45 (Online)

※You are free to enter and leave at any time.

japan Sustainability Talks 2024.png

4/26(Fri) 17:00-19:00

(The social gathering will be from 19:00 to 20:00)


​@Komaba Campus

KOMCEE West B1 MM Hall

This is a boomerang-like way of thinking about the fundamental questions of "What are environmental issues?" and "Why do we tackle them?"Created by GXSN membersThere will be an original workshop. There will also be a social gathering afterwards!

The event was jointly held by four universities: Ochanomizu University, University of Tsukuba, University of Tokyo, and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.Regardless of knowledge, specialty, or grade levelAnyone who is a student at one of the four universities listed above can participate.

Boomerang Workshop

Asset 1_edited_edited.jpg

4/27(Sat) 10:00-17:00

Networking Event
+ Climate Fresk

@Komaba Campus

KOMCEE West B1 MM Hall

On the final day of Sustainability Week 2024, we will be holding an inter-university exchange event to connect to future activities!
This event aims to expand the circle of environmental activities by connecting with environmental clubs from other universities and sharing each other's activities and know-how!
In addition to the social events, we will also be holding a workshop called Climate Fresk!
We welcome participation from universities other than the four hosting universities! Please contact us using the link below.
The event is primarily aimed at environmental groups active at other universities, but students who have become interested in our activities through Sustainability Week can also participate!

Inter-University Exchange Events

Asset 1_edited_edited.jpg

4/25 (Thu) 15:10-16:40


@Komaba Campus


Lecture Hall

The University of Tokyo is promoting sustainability (Green Transformation, GX) throughout the university. This event is held as part of the University of Tokyo's literacy education. It is a place for dialogue to discuss a wide range of topics related to climate change.
This event is primarily aimed at freshman students, but anyone attending the University of Tokyo can participate.
10 participants will also win a personal bottle!

​ *No application required

Seita Emori (Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives)
Yasuko Kameyama (Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences)
Masahiro Sugiyama (Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives)

GX Literacy Education

"Facing the Earth: A Real Dialogue on Climate Change"

Asset 1_edited_edited.jpg

4/22 (Thu) 17:00〜19:00


@Komaba II Research Campus, IIS
An block

Convention Hall

Introduction of GXSN in

Earth Day Cross Talk 

(Hosted by EcoLIMMS)

Events Outside of Sustainability Week

Asset 1_edited_edited.jpg

5/1 (Wed) 19:00-20:30

@Komaba Campus

KOMCEE West Lecture Hall

Through introducing ClimateTech examples and panel discussions with people active at the forefront of the ClimateTech field, this event aims to show students interested in environmental issues that there is a way to approach issues from an engineering perspective called ClimateTech, and to help them realize its appeal.

Discover the world of ClimateTech

-Technology to tackle climate change issues-

Komaba BioBlitz_edited_edited.jpg

Saturday, May 4th 10am - 1pm

​@Ueno Park, around Shinobazu Pond

We will investigate what creatures live in a designated area together. We will record the creatures we find using the iNaturalist app. You may find unexpected creatures in familiar places. Let's observe the biodiversity around you.

​Anyone can participate!

Ueno Park BioBlitz

Asset 1_edited_edited.jpg

June 15 (Saturday)

(Back-up date: Sunday, June 16th)

@ Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture (planned)
​ (Meeting at Tokyo Station)

Let's get active and plant trees while thinking about Japan's resource issues and the challenges facing artificial forests!

​Anyone who is a university student or above can participate!

It's not just about planting trees, there will also be educational opportunities and fun events!

Please come dressed in comfortable clothing.

​Tree planting event

Cross-Campus Collaboration Event


4/22(Mon) ~ 4/26(Fri)

Sustainability Week 2024

Various event venues

Participate in Sustainability Week 2024 events and earn points!

Sustainability Week 2024

Keyword Rally

way to participate

1. Scan the QR code and register your email address

2. During Sustainability Week, participate in various events and enter keywords to earn "My Own Points."

3. Three lucky people will be chosen by lottery from among those who participate in the keyword rally to receive an original GXSN bottle with a Komaba campus design! The winners will be contacted at a later date.


4/16(Tue) ~ 4/30(Tue)

During Komaba Library opening hours

@Komaba Library

We will introduce you to the events of UTokyo Sustainability Week 2024, which starts on April 22nd. Please take a look while you get your water from the water dispenser on the first floor of the library.
There will also be an exhibit introducing the University of Tokyo GX Student Network (GXSN), which is organizing this event. This is a must-see for first-year students choosing a club to join!

​Library Exhibition

​Co-op collaboration project


4/22(Mon) ~ 4/26(Fri) Komaba Restaurant Hours

Whether you hear the terms "environmentally friendly meals" or "plant-based" and think they sound a bit expensive or out of reach, or you're already trying to be more environmentally conscious, we've selected some limited-time menus for this week that we'd like you to try. Most of the menus use soy products. You'll be able to get high-quality protein derived from soybeans, which is good for your body, and you'll also be able to reduce your meat consumption, which will help reduce your environmental impact. Why not take this opportunity to make a better choice for yourself and the environment?

Sustainability Week 2024

Tokyo University Co-op Cafeteria

Co-op cafeteria special menu


4/22(Mon) ~ 4/26(Fri) Komaba Purchasing Department Hours

Introducing vegan products recommended by GXSN members at Komaba Purchasing Department!

​Purchasing Department Collaboration

Asset 1_edited_edited.jpg

4/22(Mon)~4/26(Fri) (subject to change)


@Hongo Campus Second Cafeteria​

In order to prevent food waste, which occurs when edible food is thrown away, the food is packed into bento boxes and sold just before the Second Cafeteria closes.

Save the last meal at the second cafeteria! Check Hongo Co-op Cafeteria's X (formerly Twitter) on the day for details and sales numbers!


Only available from 13:40 to 14:00

Limited quantity, 280 yen each

The contents are a surprise for the day

Information will be updated on Hongo Shokudo's X (formerly Twitter) at 13:40

Eat up Daini Dining Hall

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