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Why do we call it carbon emissions?

Some of you may be thinking, "It says CFP, but doesn't it say carbon emissions on the label?" CFP (carbon footprint) is a more common term, but we used the term ``carbon emissions'' to make it easier to understand for those hearing it for the first time. The reason why we did not use ``carbon dioxide emissions'' or ``CO2 emissions'' is that we did not include CO2 from transportation in our calculations, and the existence of greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide that are emitted when producing materials. Because I wanted them to be aware of this. As a greenhouse gas other than carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect of methane is 10 times that of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide 100 times, and chlorofluorocarbon gas 10,000 times. Together, the greenhouse effect of these trace gases is more than half that of carbon dioxide [1].

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