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2023.7.25 学内広報 no.1572 features
p.2-3 [JAPANESE]

Student volunteers hold GX promotion event in Komaba
The theme set for the 5 days of UTokyo Sustainability Week 2023 is Food&Drink. Thinking about sustainability from everyday things...


東京大学 環境報告書 2023
p.24-25 [JAPANESE]

The TSCP Student Committee conducted the "Sustainability Awareness Survey 2022 among University of Tokyo Students." This survey investigated University of Tokyo students' awareness of sustainability and their attitudes toward environmental and social issues.


2023.3 東京大学広報誌 淡青 [特集] GX入門
p.26-27 [JAPANESE]

GX and University of Tokyo students environmental student circle roundtable discussion
Of course, faculty members are not the only ones involved in GX at the University of Tokyo. Many student volunteers have been involved in various activities since before. here...

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